FEEL SLOVENIA – Youth Media Literacy Programme

Posted: 20/06/2013 by Ej!KArtica in FEEL SLOVENIA, GRAVItacija


i feel logoThe participants of the FEEL SLOVENIA – Youth Media Literacy programme have arrived! Soon you will be able to read articles and see the remarkable photos from 6 young journalist and get a view of their touristic perception of Slovenia… Keep you posted 🙂

What is programme about?

The programme will enable 6 young people, European Youth Card members, from Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Slovenia to upgrade their knowledge about photography, present them with knowledge on the features of writing articles on the web, increase their media literacy through their active participation, become familiar with the natural and cultural features of Slovenia as well as intercultural learning among youth.

In this way, young people can expand their knowledge on media literacy, actively participate with writing and publishing of articles on the web, increase their chances for employment and get to know a new environment and young people from other European countries.

epm_vert_eng final (1)The objective of the project is to discover the local environment and possibilities for young travelers in Slovenia and obtain interesting texts, contributions, photos and videos about Slovenia through the eyes of the young for the young. The emphasis is on the publishing of articles about Slovenia and Maribor, the European Youth Capital 2013, on the web and influential social networks by young people during their travels and after returning home to their own environment.

Stay tuned – the articles and impressions of the participants will follow shortly… 😉
  1. luka pravi:

    odličen projekt! kar tako naprej! naših lepih koncev ni za skrivat…

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