Radovljica, where the fairytale meets reality

Posted: 21/06/2013 by davidgt87 in FEEL SLOVENIA
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FOTO: Željka Sokolić

Imagine you wake up in the morning, watch through the window of your room and see a view like this. It would be close to being in the middle of a fairytale. However, you are in Radovljica, a forty minutes drive from Ljubljana. As you walk through the streets you can feel the peacful energy in the air, just few people outside and not many tourists as well, except when festivals take place. Probably thanks to its quietness, the traditions are very well-preserved. Nevertheless, it has not been always like this, as a lot of merchants passed by Radovljica when going from Trieste to Venice during the Holy Roman Empire.

Some of the houses in the center are not as old as you may think. At the beginning of the 19th century, a lot of them were burnt down and, after being rebuilt, they do not have the structure they used to have. If you pay attention you can see the house with reliefs from different types of craftwork where Anton Tomaž Linhart,  the famous man who wrote the first comedy in Slovenian language, was born.

A living gingerbread workshop

FOTO: Željka Sokolić

When you have not yet lost the feeling of being immerged in a fairytale, you become Hansel or Gretel getting in Lectar Museum. This is a living gingerbread workshop as well as a pension and a restaurant. In the basement of the building there is the museum that really smells like tradition. The temperature is another remarkable thing; it does not change much whether you go in a suffocating day or in a freezing one as it is constantly cool thanks to its thick earthquake proof walls.

Gingerbread is a sweet food-product flavored with ginger and other ingredients such as flour and honey. The pastry outcome may have several sizes and shapes but the most popular is the heart-shaped, which boys used to give to the girls they loved so their love would grow to eternity! If they ate it that was not a good sign for the lover. Nonetheless, it can not be officially sold as food but it is said it can be eaten even some years after being made thanks to the preservational spices and the honey they contain. Just 3 girls know the secret recipe for the gingerbread lects and they can never be on the same place at the same time!

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

  1. primoz pravi:

    and beautiful slovenian women!:)

  2. Mario pravi:

    Truly nice! Consider visiting Slovenia 😀

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