Come to Bled to feel chic

Posted: 23/06/2013 by luschar in FEEL SLOVENIA
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Every country has a very chic village where the landscape is amazing, high-level tourism works pretty well and rich people spend their money. In Slovenia, it definitely is Bled!

When arriving at Bled, you immediately feel the atmosphere of being somewhere special. At the latest when you walk to the pier to watch the view over the village, the lake Bled and the islet. Then you recognize you haven’t thought it’s possible that water can look that special green-blue way in Middle Europe. And that it has been a while since you’ve seen such a terrifying perfect place to spend vacation.

FOTO: Lucia Reinsperger

FOTO: Lucia Reinsperger

The disadvantage: You’re not the only one having chosen this special place. About 5000 people are living at the city centre – in summer, they are twice as much. Loads of tourist groups come to visit the romantic area just 30 minutes from Austria and 45 minutes from Italy, with the Karawanks in the background. At this romantic place you’ll probably meet wedding guests if you’re travelling on a Saturday. When you dream of celebrating your wedding like a fairytale, marry at Bled. But be aware of just being one of 200 pairs a year…

At Bled, you don’t just dream of your future but also feel back to the 11th century. The Bled castle is the second most visited place in Slovenia. Even if there never have been any kings or queens, but the Bishop of Brixen, you feel kind of royal there. Especially if you pass the “Vinska klet”, the wine cellar, and get recommendations of the sophisticated monk for all the different wines for special occasions.

Bled developed as one of the most important places for Slovenian tourism over the centuries. It started with pilgrims visiting the church, then there was thermal water explored and finally the Swiss hydropathist Arnold Rikli created the finest health resort in the Austrian empire at the village. Today, the lake is very attractive for sports. Anyone who really would like to experience rowing – Bled is the first address.

FOTO: Lucia Reinsperger

FOTO: Lucia Reinsperger

Rowing is allowed, electro boats aren’t. Instead, there are special boats out of wood called “Pletna”. Taking one, a strong guide brings you to the little islet in the middle of the lake – the real trademark of Bled. There is the little chapel for your dream-wedding and a great view over the area from the church tower.

FOTO: Lucia Reinsperger

FOTO: Lucia Reinsperger

Enjoy the lake on the best way and go swimming, then you have an incredible panorama and the feeling of being beyond the mountains, very chic hotels and the traditional church as well. And when everything seemed to be much too expensive before, in the water you just feel the intensiveness of the area. You’ll meet all different people on the beach and above all, you share your joy of living…


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