Bohinj – Nothing is perfect, or is it?

Posted: 27/06/2013 by angelica8905 in FEEL SLOVENIA
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FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

Before you go to Bohinj, you might think that it’s a bit stuck up to call a town “God’s land”, especially since the legend talks about how the area was something God was planning to keep for himself because he loved it so much. But after being there, you totally understand. Everything. The beautiful forrest, the astonishing waterfalls, the clear lake, the magnificent mountains – no wonder God loved it so much. No wonder they call it “God’s land”!

FOTO: Angelica Linde

FOTO: Angelica Linde

Our day in Bohinj was packed, to say the least. First of all we did cheese tasting (the sheep cheese being my personal favorite), in a cozy house that reminded me of the Austrian alps. We then got to see the famous church next to the lake. It was the most special church I have ever seen. So many mysteries – why did the painter first paint the eyes on the figures on the walls and then decided to paint over the eyes so it looks like all of them have them closed? Why did the painter give the Saint six toes on one foot? No one knows, but where there are mysteries, there are theories. My personal favorite theory about the toes was that “No one is perfect, not even God”!

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

We then took an absolutely stunning boat ride on the christal clear water on our way to the Savica Waterfall. The waterfall was amazing, and it was worth all of the 553 steps up (yes, we got a challenge to count them all). Even though it wasn’t my first time at a waterfall, I was amazed – the beautiful blue water and the magically green forrest really showed itself from it’s best side. I could easily spend lots of hours there if I just had the time! This place is a must!

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Lastly, we finished our Bohinj trip with a rise to Vogel by a cable car, which was an experience by itself, I loved it! I also loved Vogel, it was by far the best view of the day. And sitting at Viharnik, having a nice meal in the sun, surrounded by beautiful mountains, we really had nothing to complain about!

FOTO: Angelica Linde

FOTO: Angelica Linde

So looking at this day, people might not be perfect (having six toes and all), but maybe towns can? You see, I didn’t find Bohinj’s sixth toe. I did however find all the beautiful wonders of nature in this one little town, which to me really do make this town nothing less than perfect.

  1. Love this article! Looks like a beautiful place to visit.

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