Solčavsko – Three valleys in harmony

Posted: 27/06/2013 by patricksenekovich in FEEL SLOVENIA
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After visiting the Solčavsko region you can really understand why it was selected for the European Destination of Excellence 2009!

FOTO: Patrick Senekovic

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

People in Solčavsko are living harmonically with the nature. Around 500 inhabitants are settled around tree valleys called Robanov kot, Matkov kot and Logarska dolina. In 1991 they started their story of success. It is supposed to be the only case in Slovenia where local people united in a non-profit association to realize a collective vision for preservation and presentation of the local features. They invest incomes from tourism in protection and development of their green surroundings in the north parth of Slovenia.

The natural beauties of Solčavsko are remarkable at every step! Vehicles are not allowed at Matkov and Robanov kot and that makes it even more interesting. Not so far away in Olševo you can also find a mineral spring where you can refill your bottle with naturally enriched carbonated iron tasting mineral water. You can also visit the highest waterfall in Slovenia – Rinka. A 90 meters high spring of the waterfall gives you not only a spectacular view but also a refreshing feeling in the hot summer days. In winter time the waterfall ice is also a popular spot for climbers.

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

You can discover the valleys with a variety of sport and adrenalin activities – biking, climbing, paragliding, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing etc. Or you can just walk around exploring the breathtaking views and enjoying the relexing sounds! Just stop at the The Panoramic Road where you will find your peace and let go of all your worries.

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

FOTO: Patrick Senekovič

If you want to get more information about the region visit the multipurpose centre for sustainable development Solčavsko – Center Rinka where they answer your question with a different and interactive approach.

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    Beautiful photos and nice places…hope coming visit you soon!

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