“I am all ears” – first impressions of Slovenia

Posted: 07/03/2014 by Miquel Guijalba in FEEL SLOVENIA
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Vir: Flickr (Phineas H)

Vir: Flickr (Phineas H)

Being a foreigner in a new country makes you feel alone and weird, sometimes, but also unique and different. Four days after my arriving in Ljubljana I feel like a secret agent observing what is happening around myself, observing any details while you are unnoticed. When you are set around the table or drinking a coffee surrounded by Slovenian natives you look like a puppy-dog waiting for the thrown ball, with pretty open eyes and rigid ears. You are not able to understand almost anything although you want to. So you decide to follow the conversation, listen to any words, translating them and try to put sense on what people are talking about.

slovenia chickenA bi Kavo? Hvala! Devet eurov, prosim! Koliko stane?, Dober dan!, Lahko noc! Kako si?, Razumeš?, V redu,…. You just know these few words when you reach the main city of this chicken-shaped country. Despite this fact, few days later you realize you are able to read and understand more and more: some tags in the market, dishes in the “jedelni list” and also single words from a mobile conversation of an unknown citizen in the middle of the street. Probably, there is no sense for somebody who has never been abroad, but this happens and it’s a great experience when you realise you can survive next day far from home.

He is the dumb guy, many people could think. But it’s not true at all: You have two ears and just one mouth, that’s why I usually say “I am all ears”, I’m not very talkative but I like to listen. Who knows, maybe bom govoril slovensko (I will speak Slovenian 🙂 ) one day. And I promise, if that happens, I will spread this language beyond Trieste,  Villach, Karlovac and Lenti.

Se vidimo.

  1. Yaiza pravi:

    Very nice post! I’m waiting for new articles 😉 Cheers from València!

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