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Posted: 10/03/2014 by Sixtine Rose Boyer in FEEL SLOVENIA
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My name is Sixtine, freshly arrived from France. I will spend the next 12 months in Ljubljana, as an EVS – if you want to know more about this, you’ll find all the answers over here.

But how does it feel now? What are my first impressions and steps as an EVS in Slovenia? Let’s go step by step, using the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Step 1. Expecting the Baby (BASIC NEEDS)

Just like parents are expecting a baby, you soon will realize that your boss and coworkers have been expecting you for a while.

When the baby arrives (you), everything should be ready… It is just the same to be an EVS. The room will be waiting for the baby, and the coordinator will try to feed you with delicious cereal bars in case you are hungry. It feels really good to be expected and welcome this way.

Step 2. Declaring the Baby (SAFETY NEEDS)

After the baby arrives, you have to declare it to the authorities. As the baby is still too young to speak the language, the coordinator will help him to go through all the administrative process, going from the foreigners’ office to the tax office, and passing by the bank. Thanks to the coordinator, all this process can be done in one or 2 days, which would probably take the baby 3 months by himself to crawl there and communicate with hands!

Now that the baby is declared and few days old, he can go to school to learn the language and discover the playground…

Step 3. Baby goes to the playground (SOCIAL NEEDS)

sisi EVSAt the playground the baby should meet other babies and socialize. To help the baby socializing, the National Agency for baby volunteers will arrange an On-Arrival training in Bled. A nice city with a big lake where the babies from all the over the country can meet and play, and feed the ducks!

Step 4. Baby is now a teenager (ESTEEM NEEDS)

After the on-arrival training, the baby should feel better in the new world. It should feel like a part of the whole, and its esteem needs should increase drastically. Tools will be given to the baby to realize its dreams.

Step 5. Teenager is now an adult (SELF-ACTUALIZATION)

Weeks after weeks, the teenager gets older and will soon be aware of its skills as an EVS. It is blossoming time for the baby to turn into a grown up volunteer and hopefully become a productive and creative grown up with proud “parents”. At the end of the stay, the young adult recieves the YouthPass.

What is next? What are the next steps for an EVS volunteer in Slovenia? To be continued soon…

youth in actionIf you want to know more about the EVS programme click here. For more information about EVS in Slovenia follow this link.

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