Tarragona, the eternal spring town – part II.

Posted: 16/05/2014 by Miquel Guijalba in Planet Ej!KArtica
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Source: Panoramio (by escriurealaxarxa)

Source: Panoramio (by escriurealaxarxa)

In spite of Tarragona is not a big city, there are malls and all kind of stores to do shopping. La Rambla Nova, the main street that crosses the city from the center to El Balco del Mediterrani (the Mediterranean Balcony), and its neighborhood, offer whatever you need: clothes, handcraft products, jewelries, books and perfumes stores; restaurants, cafes and ice-cream shops. Moreover, the most representative examples of Catalan art-nouveau in Tarragona are in this street. Don’t forget to take a picture from El Balco del Mediterrani, which offers a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, the Roman amphitheater and the harbor.

El negrito i la negrita and El lloro del negrito i la negrita are two traditional stores with original souvenirs you have to go, besides you have 10% discount to all products if you show your Ej!kartica-EYCA card.

Tarragona is also famous for its theme park, Port Aventura-Costa Caribe, with the highest roller-coaster in Europe. All Ej!kartica-EYCA cardholders have 35% discount at the entrance. Do you dare? 🙂

Source: Fotopedia (by Jorge Franganillo)

Source: Fotopedia (by Jorge Franganillo)

Where and what to eat?

Without crossing the Roman Walls that surrounds the old town the visitor can find charming restaurants with toasts, salads and menus with local dishes for affordable prices, you just need to explore among the narrow streets. But if you want fresh fish and seafood, the best choice is el Serrallo, a fisher neighborhood nearby the harbor. You can find pizzerias and other establishments to eat with discounts here.

If you visit the city during the first months of the year, Calcots with Salsa Romesco is the seasonal dish. They are a kind of thin sweet onions which are grilled in the barbeque. Otherwise, if you visit the city during the Patron Saints day, Santa Tecla, on the 23th of September, there is a special drink called Mamadeta, made with Chartreuse and lemon slush.


Here, you will find a list with hostel, campsites and hotels with discounts for Ej!kartica-EYCA cardholders.

Remember, if you book a room in Hostelbookers, you will receive 50% off the prepayment!

Train discounts

Don’t forget that Ej!kartica-EYCA cardholders (14-26 years old) have 20% discount in all trains of the Spanish Railway Network (Renfe).

You can find all other discouts with your Ej!kartica-EYCA card that you can use Tarragona, here.

Enjoy the trip! 🙂

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