RailsGirls : on the Rails of learning

Posted: 13/06/2014 by Sixtine Rose Boyer in GRAVItacija
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What is RailsGirls? Born in Finland, RailsGirls is now a worldwide known non-profit movement. Its aim is to give a chance to a bunch of young girls to get to know the basics of web development.

During a one day workshop, the RailsGirls are given tools to understand better technology, organize their ideas online and increase their creativity, by using Ruby on Rails.

Jump on the Rails… I had the chance to take part in RailsGirls Ljubljana on the 10th of May 2014 at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science. As a French girl volunteering in Slovenia, and starting from level zero, I applied without any conviction to be accepted. That is why I was really surprised and happy to receive a positive answer.

The workshop started with an installation party, where of course, my PC and I were sitting at the Mac table.
# Break differences

The organisators provided me with a super nice English speaking coach, for the only non-Slovene speaking dummy. Plus, cherry on the top, some goodies and, we had free coffee and real CROISSANTS. # French girl alert
1000.times { puts “Thank you!” }

railsgirlsEight years after starting university, it was the first time in a while that I’ve tried to learn something that I had no idea about, and it felt weird. Kind of lost and challenging at the same time.
# Hellooow Slooow Braiiin

… stay on the Rails. Once I was pushed on the Rails, I decided to keep on learning. This year of volunteering could also be the year of new informal education. I then looked for different tools how to keep on learning by myself. You have different options:

  • Try Ruby will give you a 15 min overview of how ruby works, including cute little doodles.
  • Codecademy will give you the chance to learn online different languages, including Ruby, Html, and CSS.
  • You can also keep on applying for other RailsGirls workshops. For example I recently got accepted for the next RailsGirls Linz event, taking place next weekend in Austria.

You can also work by yourself, develop your project and apply for the Summer of Code here, get a grant and spend nice time with friends.

Girls, get excited and make things!


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