Omar Souleyman @Stiropor Festival, Ljubljana

Posted: 27/06/2014 by Sixtine Rose Boyer in KULT-muska
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Omar Souleyman, the Syrian star will be giving a concert tonight (27th of June 2014) in Gala Hala, in Ljubljana.

Over the last two decades, he made his reputation as a great performer and really creative artist by collaborating with many diverse artists (his weirdest and less expected remix is probably Björk’s Crystalline) and signed over more than 500 records under his name. His career started in the early nineties in Northern Syria, where he started recording songs for weddings, and selling the records cassettes to the guests and on local markets after the celebration.

Omar Souleyman

Dabke (or Dabkeh means “kick” in Arabic) is Souleyman’s milieu. Dabke is usually the name of the traditional group-dance held during weddings in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, where the basic move of the dance is kicking indeed. His music can be anticipated as a wise mix of folk Syrian music and trance-like rhythms and tunes, including loud synthesizers’ plays. 
Unlike other Dabke artists, Omar Souleyman tends to create an hypnotic minimalist Dabke (as contradictory as it can be), by keeping his synthesizers’ tunes simple and raw, explaining its popularity in western countries.
His album, Wenu Wenu, recorded last October, was rated 7.2 by Pitchfork and got him to be part of many European and American music festivals this year such as Primavera, Sónar and Stiropor in Ljubljana!

Get your ticket, and join the hypnosis!

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