The Streewalker, a gallery permanently under construction

Posted: 11/07/2014 by Sixtine Rose Boyer in FEEL SLOVENIA, KULT-art
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For the last four years The Streewalker inaugurated several open-air ready-made galleries in France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Austria and even South Korea. Kud Ljud with its Streewalking project is coming back to Ljubljana, its origin, so I took the chance to attend one of the english speaking guided tour for the first time, last week, during the street theater Ana Desetnica Festival.


We are expanding the concept of ready-made art by using everyday elements of the city and turning them into works of art.

Visitors (we) are welcomed by Jaka, a nice curator-butler –like who introduces us to the concept of the project: an open-air ready-made gallery, 24/7 open, 0€ entrance fee, and special discount for students and unemployed, very nice.

We are standing on the square of French revolution and Jaka asks us to step in through a door, standing in the middle of the square… the visit starts here.

During the  following hour we discover the various creative and mind-opener pieces of art standing in the gallery. Sculptures, paintings, installations or performances… our curator is very proud of his collection including such names as Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock or Kasimir Malevitch, very impressive for such a small collection. But the gallery is always expending, its creative process is never ending, every minute, every blink of the curator’s and visitor’s eyes can reveal a new treasure.

streetwalkerAt the end of the visit, we are asked to perform a silly walk, to add some concrete content to the gallery, then, we are kindly welcome to share a glass of wine with the staff of the gallery. Cleaning ladies, curator and hostesses, everyone is here and available for further discussion…

Finally, as the gallery is under permanent construction, you are kindly invited to contribute to its content and find the artist in yourself!


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