22nd July: day against hate crimes!

Posted: 16/07/2014 by Miquel Guijalba in EU zate
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black-heart-victims1-e13739141763521After 22nd July 2011 Norway’s hate crime , the Council of Europe and the European Union wants to condemn in this date all kind of hate manifestation. There is a petition to make 22nd July the European Day for Victims of Hate Crimes.

Do you know when and how No Hate Speech Movement was launched?

Maybe there are still in your mind the 2011 Norway attacks, two sequential terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya against the civilian population and the current government, claiming in total 77 lives, 69 of them in the summer camp organized by the Workers Youth League (AUF), the youth division of the Norwegian Labour Party (AP). On the 22th of July of 2011, Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing extremist, made a car explode in the downtown of Oslo and came into Utøya Island where the summer camp was being celebrated dressed as a policeman, according the court’s sentence. Behring was described of having Islamophobic views and hatred of Islam, and he was considered himself as a knight dedicated to stemming the tide of Muslim immigration into Europe.

After the massacre, the Council of Europe and the European Union launched a campaign against hate speech, called No Hate Speech Movement which objective is to report hate online campaigns and comments and to fight hate crimes. After this event, 22nd of July is a mourning day for Norway but also the day to remember all victims of hate crimes motivated by racism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, a person or group disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, political views or other form of intolerance. 22nd July reminds us of the vulnerability of our societies and obliges us to look with careful attention at our policies, our education systems, our measures to prevent such events from happening.

What can you do?

To commemorate 22nd of July the European Council has prepared several action during this month. If you are interested on stopping hate crimes as well as hate speech, you can sign the Petition to make 22nd July the European Day for Victims of Hate Crimes, and also read and share different posts on blogs published for this European Action Day, like the one you are reading :). As always, you can also report any hate content that reviles or blasphemes victims of hate crimes in No Hate Speech Movement website; change you cover or profile picture in Facebook during this month (you can find the image here); or you can contact your local, national or European Politian sending this message to them on Facebook or in an email. In case you are an organization, you can organize offline actions, too.


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