A Ljubljanette in Berlin

Posted: 13/08/2014 by Sixtine Rose Boyer in GRAVItacija

I have been living in Berlin few years ago, and I have to say, it was really difficult to leave it. Even if I’m living now in my Slovene paradise, I always kind of missed the Berlin bazar and all its exotism, and spontaneity, which – let’s face it – you do not find in Slovenia, even in Ljubljana.

I had the opportunity to go back there for an IT convention, where I attended a coding workshop, for girls, ONLY. How could they choose a better spot than Berlin? The city of independent women: from DJette to Geekette, in Berlin everything which usually is male dominant has a female alternative, and we love that!

Punks are knitting, Mums have tattoos and dads are at home, in Berlin, everything is different

After spending few days or even few hours in Berlin, the first thing you’ll be aware of is that it is a huge city. Not a big one, but a huge one. Funny fact, Berlin is about 8 times bigger than Paris but only half populated, which seems, for the French that I am, totally crazy.

Once you got that, and that you have spent one hour and a half walking in high heels boots from Friedrischain to Mitte, just because you could see the Fernsehturm, and you kept thinking “com’on, it’s still the same street, I can walk that far, it’s 10 mins away” (no it’s not, and yes you’re stupid, Karl Marx allee and Frankfurter allee are the oldest roads of Berlin and the longest too, a bit more than 6 km), you understand why Berliners are like they are.

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Photos by Sixtine Rose Boyer

It’s all about comfort – If you want to experience the real Berlin, you have to be always ready. Berlin is unpredictable, things always come up. After a day of work, you will end up at the Prater Bier garten on Kastanienallee, then join a grill party by the Spree, go dancing in an old container turned into a club at Warschauer strasse, and go home when the sun is up for few hours already. To do that you NEED to forget your fashion musts, and think “comfort”. It is when you understand why Berlinettes wear Birkenstock instead of high heels and hiking backpacks instead of leather purses, why they eat Falafel at 3 in the morning or always have a Tea thermos and little pack of nuts or dry fruits in their hiking back packs lateral pockets. No no no, it’s not all about being Hipster, it’s about making it through the night in Berlin, and it’s wonderful.

Berlin bleibt untergrund.


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