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Posted: 03/09/2014 by Miquel Guijalba in Planet Ej!KArtica
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Surrounded by the Baltic Sea, the great Russia, and always looking at Scandinavian countries as a model to imitate, Estonia is a small country with several lovely places to find out and an amazing history to explain to visitors. Justifiably, it was the only country to achieve independence from the Soviet Union in the 1991 by singing. In conclusion, Estonian people have great voices or Russians are almost deft. Jokes aside, this date is commemorated every four years with a worthy and emotive festival called Laulupidu.

 Discovering the capital – Tallinn

If you are planning to visit Estonia, it is obligatory to stop for a couple of days in the main city of this freezing country. Tallinn has one of the most beautiful and well-preserved middle-age old town in Europe. The heart of this fairytale-like down-town hosts the city hall square, Raekoja Plats, the best place to enjoy an aperitif during the summer, to taste a traditional reindeer soup called Drakon or to visit the Christmas market in winter. This square also hosts the oldest pharmacy in Europe, the Raeapteek, with an interesting museum of free-entrance.


Photo by Georg Mittenecker (source)

After charging your batteries in Reakoja Plats you can take a walk on Viru street, full of souvenirs and handcraft shops, or you can climb on Pikk Jalg street and arrive to the main Russian orthodox cathedral Alexander Nevski. In that area, you can admire the best views of the city and the harbour by the Patkuli Platform. From there, you can take wonderful pictures of the city crowned by the tower of Saint Olav’s church, the tallest tower in Tallinn.

If you have time after sightseeing the old town. Tallinn offers the opportunity to visit interesting museums such as Kumu, a contemporary art museum located in the biggest green space of the city, Kadriorg Park. Kumu received the European Museum of the Year Award in 2008 and the price for Ej!karticaEYCA cardholders is just €1,60! It is worthy, isn’t it?

Besides this, if you want to visit Tallinn with a local tourist guide, you can attend to the free walking tour which departs every day from the tourist information office at 12:00 am. The tours are also in English, so you can discover the most interesting anecdotes and curiosities of the city.

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