Visit Estonia (II. Part)

Posted: 05/09/2014 by Miquel Guijalba in Planet Ej!KArtica

In front of you is the second part of the article Visit Estonia. Although Estonia is such a small country, there is much more to visit than its capital city, Tallinn!

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Estonia’s land hides amazing medieval architecture as the city of Rakvere, whose castle is worthy to visit; or Viljandi, where there are the ruins of Livonian Castle and where the largest annual music festival in Estonia is hosted every July, the Folk Music Festival.

If you go to Estonia during the summer, keep in mind to visit Pärnu, a well-known city for its beaches, although their waters are not suitable for Mediterranean people. Close to Pärnu there are other interesting spots to visit as Kihnu Island or Sooma National Park, where you can do canoeing, hiking and explore beautiful wild places!

Because you are under 30 and you are still young :), we also recommend you to visit Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia and also the university students’ capital. Tartu has a wonderful old town full of sculptures, like the monument to Oscar Wilde or the well-known sculpture of Kissing Students in the main square. You should also pass by the University of Tartu, the oldest university in Estonia, founded in 1632.

Activities at -30°C

Estonian winters are rather cold – the temperature can drop to as low as -30°C. Exploring and traversing the natural environment is a long-standing tradition among Estonians. There are lots of ways you can actively enjoy what nature has to offer: you can go skiing, sledging or snowboarding, kick-sledge hiking, ice-skating or skate hiking. Cross-country skiing as a sport became popular after World War I when the first ski competition was held in 1921, in Tartu. This has become a yearly tradition and the Tartu Ski Marathon.

Photo by Aleksandr Abrosimov (source)

Photo by Aleksandr Abrosimov (source)

The spectacle of frozen waterfalls like Jägala or Valestes during the winter, the coastline and sea, several lakes – Lake Peipus is the fiftth largest in Europe – and the snow-covered forests and national parks marvel visitors. If the winter is sufficiently cold and the sea is frozen, you can even experience the amazing feeling of driving from the mainland to the islands across an ice road.

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