4. Modra Frankinja, Sevnica

Posted: 19/09/2014 by Sixtine Rose Boyer in FEEL SLOVENIA
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festival modre frankinjeSevnica, a small city located in the lower Sava valley, in central Slovenia. Every year since 2010 already, the municipality of Sevnica welcomes the wine festival “Modra Frankinja” (blue Frankish in english). If you are visiting Slovenia, or just living there, and you would like to get a feeling of the Sava valley region, you should probably stop in Sevnica and discover the blue Frankish wine.

The blue Frankish is a dark-skinned kind of grape used for red wine all across central Europe (Mainly Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia). It is commonly called the “Pinot Noir” of central Europe. The kind of wines produced is very rich in antioxidant and tannin and usually reveals spicy and fruity tastes and colors, often reminding pepper, cherries or black berries.

The festival is taking place all over ther city but mainly in two places, at the Cultural Hall in the city center, and in the Castle at the top of the hill obove the old center. Everything is arranged from the train station to the Castle. A team welcomes you on your arrival, and provides you with tickets, glasses and informations. You start your little journey through Sevnica, discovering tens of excellent wines. Sparkling, rosé, red and even chocolate wine. Local food is also provided and goes really nicely with the wine selected by the staff, as well as the live music. At the end, you should arrive to the Castle, and enjoy the view on the city and Sava river. You can also visit the Lutheran cellar, the biggest historical attraction of Sevnica. You can find more information about Sevnica here.

Drink in moderation and see you in 2015!






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