How many litres of water do you consume every day?

Posted: 01/10/2014 by Miquel Guijalba in EKO-trip
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The Earth currently hosts 7 billion people (by the way there were 5,400 millions in 1994) and everybody needs water to live, to cook and to clean. Obviously, isn’t it? Do you know that if each inhabitant would consume the same quantity of water that one European does everyday on average, we would need two globes to provide everybody with this basic substance.

Water is the third most exploited natural resource, preceded by petrol and coffee, but this one can not be destroyed or produced again. There is always the same amount of water on the Earth. No more, no less. Despite this fact, a fast industrial development, the rise of global population and the increment of consumerism have made water a lacking, precious and more expensive material.

Tacking into account these facts, consume of water must be taken into consideration and we should be more environmentally and socially responsible.

Have you ever checked how many litres of water do you consume per day? It is very easy! Grab a calculator and the last four water receipts or look for the four-month period record in the last bill. Are you ready?

leaflet water1Maths class!

Sum these four figures, they are the cubic meters of water consumed during the last four months. Multiply the result for 1000 to convert it to litres. Divide it between 300, which are the average of days per year that one person stays at home. Finally divide the result between the number of residents of your home.



Et voilà! Now you have the quantity of water that you are spending on average every day. Would you like to know which kind of consumer you are?

According to experts, if you consume between 70 and 100 litres, your consume is optimal; although consuming between 100 and 130 litres per day is considered appropriate, no worries. Be careful if you are using between 130 and 145 litres per day, this is a high quantity of water; and reconsider how you are using water if you spend more than 145 litres per day. You are a spendthrift!


It is in your hands to change your consume, so if you want to save water -and money- have a look at next tips.

Try some of this tips and compare your receipt next month. You will consume the right amount of water and your pocket will be happy :)!


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