Antisemitism? Not on my Internet!

Posted: 07/11/2014 by Miquel Guijalba in EU zate
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no hateOn Sunday, 9th of November 2014, EU will stand up against Fascism and Antisemitism through the No Hate Speech Movement. You all can participate online to report hate speech against Jewish people due to their identity, content that spreads fascistic ideas, or content that denies holocaust itself. The movement is inviting you to express zero tolerance towards antisemitic hate speech!

How can you contribute to fight against antisemitism?

No Hate Speech Movement (NHSM) has organized several activities to spread the awareness and to report intolerance and discrimination. You can upload your photo or video message to the NHSM website and express solidarity with Jewish people or you can read and share the blog posts that are written around the topic. Watch and share the memes and videos posted on NHSM Facebook page and change your cover photo or profile picture on Facebook to express that you do not tolerate antisemitism neither online or offline!


You can learn and understand more about what antisemitism is and what typical misinterpretations and manipulations exist on the NHSM website, where you can also test your knowledge and understanding about antisemitism and fascism by this online quiz.

Is antisemitism still a problem in Europe?

Maybe you are wondering if antisemitism is still a real problem in nowadays European countries. We are afraid that the answer is “yes”, according to the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency 2013 survey on Jewish people’s experience of discrimination and antisemitism. Antisemitism online content has increased 75% in the last years and 53% of surfers witnessed holocaust denial on the Internet. On the other side, 33% of Jewish have experienced some form of antisemitic harassment in the previous five years and 26% encountered antisemitic harassment in previous twelve months.

We agree, it sounds a problem form the past, but reality explains that fears against Jewish remain. Minority groups are increasingly victims of harassment or even hate crimes. The rise of extreme and populist parties as well as growing hate of all shades confronts us with the stark reality that a lot must still be done in order to achieve a tolerant, inclusive European society.



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